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My name is Fabio Araújo Fernandes. I was Born in Belém do Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon region. I came to Germany as an Anthropology  PhD researcher and since 2012 I live in Freising.

Since 1998, just 20 Years ago, I started to practice capoeira. I started having classes with Mestre Bezerra, one of the first capoeira masters in the Amazon region. In 2001 I began a new phase with master Cabeça und Master Kanela. In the meantime, in 2009, I started to give capoeira classes in Belém do Pará and since 2012 I teach the brazilian dance-fight in Freising-Germany in Fitness studio, schools and Sport clubs. In 2018 we began a new academic-professional stage with the aim of taking a little of capoeira and Brazilian culture to Best, region of Brabant, in the Netherlands.

If you want to know more about Capoeira courses in Freising, you can find out more here.

In the Capoeira, I am fascinated not only by the dance fight as “sport”, but also by the historical and social background. That’s why I did my PhD in Social Anthropology with main area on migration, identity construction and transnationalization of Capoeira practice. More about my academic research is available in http://capoeirageminbetween.wordpress.com/

E-Mail: fernandescapoeira@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiena.fernandes

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