Carimbeira Project EN

I am very pleased to announce our musical project called Carimbeira.
My name is Fabio Araújo Fernandes, PhD researcher. In social anthropology, percussionist and capoeira teacher. I come from Belém do Pará, but I have lived since about approx. 8 years in Freising, Germany.

The project aims to combine the Capoeira world and its rhythms with the rhythms of the Amasona region of Belém do Pará in northern Brazil.

This project was started by: Fabio Araújo Fernandes (Hiena Capoeira), General Percussionist, researcher and Capoeira teacher; The maestro Fabricio Cavalcante, arranger, composer, he plays with passion classical guitar and Thomaz Silva (Zamba), singer, percussionist, who oversees the harmonic and melodic orientation of the group.

Another goal is to make the culture of the Amazon known here in Europe, especially here in Germany. It is a rich, diverse culture, but it is still largely unknown here, not least among the Brazilians living here.

It is an experimental work that creates connections between the sounds of the drums of Amazonia and the sonority and musicality that we find in the Capoeira.

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