Contramestre Vaqueiro (EN)

The Contramestre Vaqueiro (Christoph Maier) from Starnberg is our special guest.


Vaqueiro’s work with children has been in existence since 1996, as part of his work as a judo trainer. He has been teaching children and adolescents in Capoeira since 2004. Currently, Vaqueiro teaches at seven different locations, with about 100 children from the age of 4.

Working with children means a lot to him, as “no day is the same and every workout, every conversation, every game, new challenges and new lessons bring it.”

The aim of his work is to promote, develop and make aware of the individual potential of children, adolescents and adults as part of a playful, holistic approach.

Within the structures of the capoeira in all its diversity – physical, social, musical, cultural – we experience personal strengths and weaknesses, individuality and community, challenges, failure and the overcoming of obstacles, all in one Playful context with a focus on dialogical communication, empathy, autonomy, mindfulness and sensitivity.

Methodologically, the teaching always moves between modern, scientifically proven training methods and the rich knowledge of the folk culture of Brazil, in order to offer each student a training ambience, which with a lot of fun enables personal growth and Also lives up to the individual potential for performance.

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