Slavica Repovic (EN)

Graduated from the University of Banjaluka, Faculty of Philology in English Literature and Literature.

Working as a mentor and trainer of teachers and has been teaching English for more than seven years.
During this time I developed and practiced a system of bilingual education and focused on the field of early education.

At the age of 29, I became the director of a bilingual kindergarten, the only one of its kind in the state. In addition, my own concept Azul program is used as a simpler method for bilingual implementation in private schools and state educational institutions.


The first time I came into contact with Capoeira was in 2011. I also met Mestre Umoi. Since then, my love for Capoeira has only intensified. I soon found a connection to my education and my knowledge and incorporated both into working with children and adults.

I have been involved in several projects by non-political organisations that promote social assistance for families and children. Through Capoeira I was able to gain a non-violent and peaceful approach.

In 2015, I organized "The Days of the Brazil", the very first event with and about Brazilian culture in our country.

Now I lead the children's and adults' children's and adults' pens of Grupo Uniao na Capoeira in Bosnia Herzigovina.

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