Nosso Encontro (EN)

1. Nosso Encontro: camaradagem na capoeiraNosso Encontro ST 2018 Posters

I would like to invite all of you to our Special Capoeira event,
the Nosso Encontro Starnberg 2018: camaradagem na capoeira!

What is this ? (Click here)


The festival takes place throughout the weekend from Thursday, 14th of June to Sunday 17th of June 2018. It starts on Thursday at 7:30 pm with a discussion table with the masters. From Friday evening we will offer numerous workshops, which are also available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Over the course of these days, there will also be a graduation ceremony under the supervision of Mestre Umoi where Tito (From Beira do Rio Rijeca) will receive a “professor” graduation and Vaqueiro with Hiena will be given twine with the tasks of “Contramestres”.

As always there will be many surprises, pleasant moments like in the past, wonderful brazilian food and an incredible atmosphere, just do not miss it!


TSV Starnberg von 1880 e.V.
Brunnangerstraße 3, Starnberg

2. Workshops

WHAT is offered ? (Click here)

This year we have the honor and the pleasure to welcome Mestre Umoi from Düsseldorf with us. Again we have numerous workshops with:

  • Mestre Umoi – Düsseldorf/ Deutschland (Grupo União na Capoeira)
  • Mestre Luiz Renato Vieira – Brasilia/ Brasil (Grupo Beribazu)
  • Mestre Skisyto – Brasilia / Brasil (Grupo Terreiro Capoeira)

We also welcome the following guests:

  • Contramestre Tamarindo – München/ Deutschland (Gingando Sempre)
  • Contramestre Sabiá – München / Deutschland (Grupo Senzala)
  • Professor Soldado – Frankfurt / Deutschland (Grupo Aruanda)
  • Professora Preguiça  – Düsseldorf / Deutschland (Grupo União na Capoeira)
  • Professor Cacheado – (Grupo União na Capoeira)
  • Professor Cavalo – (Amazonas)


The workshops and lectures will be offered from 14 to 17 June 2018. (Click here for the complete program )


In all cases, participants are provided with free lunch snacks, fruit, water and juice.

3/4 Days Workshop 70,- € (incl. entrance to party and breakfast )

2 Days Workshop 60,- € (incl. entrance to party and breakfast )

1 Day Workshop 50,- €  (incl. entrance to party and breakfast )

Only Friday  30,- €


2 Days Workshop 50,- € (incl. entrance to party and breakfast )

1 Day Workshop 30,- €  (incl. entrance to party and breakfast)


By bank transfer. Please do not forget to include the full name in addition to specify in detail on which day the payments will be made:

IBAN DE69 6807 0024 0058 5216 00
Account number: 058 5216
Account holder: Fabio Araújo Fernandes
Bank: Deutsche Bank

3. Brazilian party

In addition, we offer you an extensive supporting program with a party, a live performance and electronic music


The party will take place on Saturday, June 16, 2018 from about 21:00 clock in the JUZ Nepomuk, Nepomukweg 9, Starnberg. (Click here for the complete Program )

4. Brazilian Food 

The delicious Brazilian food will also be present at our festival. During the weekend will be with you  Fabiana Ribeiro will offer a glimpse of Brazilian cuisine with feijoada, churrasco and snacks.

Feijoada (brasilianische Spezialität aus schwarzen Bohnen): 6,50 €;

Churrasco (brasilianische Barbeque): 10,- €

Brasilianisches Snacks: 1,5 €


Email to

If you need a place to stay or accommodation for the weekend, please indicate this when registering. We are happy to help you.

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