Professor Tito (EN)

member of a group Capoeira Beira do Rio, Rijeka, Croatia. Started with capoeira in 2008., under Grupo International Jacobina Arte.

In 2012, started to give classes for kids and adults, the same year where he received corda of “graduado”.

One year after, in 2013, together with other members, he founded the “Grupo Beira do Rio” and between 2014 and 2016 he work as a capoeira teacher volounteer in a children orphanage home.

From 2015 until now a days professor Tito works as a capoeira teacher on the project “Tribo moderna – capoeira for tolerance and non-violence” , founded by Amazonas Zagreb. Capoeira is used as a tool working with kids with “less opportunities” to improve their social life skills. Project is recognized and supported by Croatian Government

In 2017, as the head of the capoeira group named “Beira do Rio”, continues his path on the capoeira universe under the guidance of Mestre Umoi through which in 2018 received the title of “Professor de capoeira”.

From 2009 until now he visit, participate and give classes for kids and adults on numerous workshops in Europe. In Rijeka, professor Tito gives classes for kids and adults on 4 locations, spreading this beautiful art

He is one of the organisers of the annual event with the name “Deixa Fluir – batizado and troca de corda” every year in the last weekend of may. It is an amazing event where all capoeiristas are welcoming with a lot of goodwilling people with strong love an passion for art capoeira.

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