Rafael Barros

One of the pioneers in bringing the Amazonian percussion instruments as a drum set. In the photo above is a record of the musician with what was called “percuteria amazônica”.

Rafael Barros – He studied at the “Percussão Brasil” Group at the Carlos Gomes Conservatory in Belém and graduated in Full Degree in Music fromFederal University of Pará – UFPa. Minister percussion workshop by the Arraial do Pavulagem Institute and is a member of the band of the same name. He also teaches the “Tambores de Louvação” workshops, which research the rhythm and the context inserted in popular Amazonian manifestations that dialogue with popular religiosity. In 2008 he released his first CD called Tree Air, being the founder of the group of the same name. He is professor of percussion of the social project Re-create and presents / displays in concerts and recordings of CDs and DVDs of diverse artists.

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